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Seldom really noticed.
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It has been said, "All the world's a stage."
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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Juice Fasting

"Proponents of juice fasting suggest it be done during the warmer months of the year only. Spring is thought to be the best time of the year for juice fasting.
Seven or more days before the fast, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, sugar, dairy, wheat, animal meat, fish, and eggs are usually reduced or eliminated from the diet. The diet should consist mainly of organic fruits, vegetables, and beans.
Between 32 and 64 oz. of juice is usually recommended per day. The juice is sipped throughout the day. Typical fruits and vegetables include celery, carrot, kale, cabbage, apple, pineapple, cranberry, spinach, beet, and greens. Citrus fruits are often avoided.
Approximately 6 glasses of room temperature or warm filtered water are often recommended in addition to the juice.
Organic fruits and vegetables are usually recommended. If organic produce isn't available, practitioners suggest peeling the skin off fruits and vegetables or washing vegetables with a non-toxic produce cleaner, usually available at health food stores.
Freshly juiced fruits and vegetables are preferred, but if unavailable, practitioners suggest buying it from the health food store or juice bar as fresh as possible.
Green vegetables and sprouts contain the pigment chlorophyll, which juice proponents thought to be especially beneficial during a juice fast.
A combination of fruits and vegetables is recommended.
Variations on the strict juice fast include eating one meal a day in a addition to the juice.
Certain fruits and vegetables and their parts should not be juiced, such as the pits of peaches, apricots, cherries, and other fruits, apple seeds, citrus peels, carrot and rhubarb tops, tough skins (such as kiwi, pineapple, mangoes), and bananas and avocados."

There is one detox juice fast that I really like and do every so often. It goes as follows:
Day 1: Celery and Apple Juice for the intestines
Day 2: Lemon juice in distilled water for the liver
Day 3: Pianpple juice for the small intestines
Day 4: Green juices
Day 5: Carrot juice
Day 6: Beet juice
You have to make sure to drink lots of distilled water as well as the juices. It is hard to stick with just the juices--the first day is so hard!!!!!--and not have food but it gets a little easier and I feel so good from it that it really motivates me to stick with it.


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