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Friday, September 01, 2006

David and the horse

David has been given the opportunity to take riding lessons at a special place that does theraputic riding for children with disabilities. It is run by an amazing woman named Miss Lisa and David's CubScout leader volunteers there doing a lot of work with kids--her name is Miss Jane. These are two wonderful and amazing ladies. They have given David the opportunity of a lifetime to get to work with and ride horses.
Last Monday was David's first visit to the stables. He got to meet his horse "Lucky". Lucky has a special story himself, just like David does. Lucky had to have liver surgery that saved his life, just like David did. Lucky had a huge stone (I saw it! It was about the size of a cantalope!) in his liver that had to be surgically removed. If it wasn't taken out then Lucky would have died. David immediately felt a special bond with Lucky because of his own experience with liver disease and transplant.
The first thing David did was meet all of the horses then bring Lucky out of his corral to the washing station for a bath.
With the help of Miss Lisa and Miss Jane, David sprayed Lucky with the hose, scrubbed shampoo into his coat with a sponge and then washed him off. He also got to put conditioner in Lucky's tail to make it pretty and shiney. Then David worked to get much of the water off of Lucky and then brushed him.
After giving Lucky a bath, it was time to feed all of the horses. Under the direction of Miss Jane, David prepared the feed buckets for all of the horses with the different feeds and supplements each horse requires.
Then it was time to go into the corrales. Miss Jane went in with David to help him. Miss Lisa gave David hay to put in the horses' feeding stations. They climbed between the rails--the way real cowboys do!--going from horse to horse. Some of the horses were hungry and came up to David trying to steal some of the hay before he could get it into the trough.
When the hay was done then it was time to give the horses the feed in each of their buckets. When that was done then David walked Lucky back to his corral and put him to bed for the night.
It was an amazing experience for David and he is madly in love with Lucky. Next week he gets to clean out a corral (oh boy! LOL) and learn how to bring his horse out and brush him and get him ready to ride. He will begin riding next week also. He is so excited. He has pictures of Lucky that he draws at school every day. It is a wonderful and amazing experience for this little boy!


Anonymous Roberta said...

Those ladies deserve 2 big thumbs up!

Getty Up, David!

3:18 PM  
Blogger Jenny said...

Oh yeah, they are absolutely awesome! Both incredible ladies in their own rite and then they do all this work to help kids on top of it. There truly are angels here among us. :)

4:34 PM  

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