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Thursday, September 07, 2006

'Academic Doping' with ADHD medications

"Pediatricians report that they are getting more requests for ADHD medication by parents who want to enhance their children's grades.
'I spoke with [some] colleagues the other day and they mentioned three cases recently where parents blatantly asked for the medication so that their children would perform better in school, yet there were no other indications that the child had ADHD,' says Dr. Nick Yates, a pediatrician and director of medical ethics for Mercy Hospital in Buffalo, N.Y."

What is going on in our world?!!! What happened to sitting down with your child and working with them every day to help them with their school work?!!
And this, after the FDA just slapped a black box warning on a drug used for ADHD.
Man are we screwed up these days.


Blogger TexMikel said...

One of us usually Cilla helps them ever night. First they get to unwide and have a snack then around 5 they get to work. I helped them to night AnnaLisa and Mom went to the freshmen football game Anna is young(11)cheerleader.

8:26 PM  
Blogger Jenny said...

How cool for Anna! Cilla is so awesome. You guys are such an awesome family! Some of my own kids struggle from time to time and I know it isn't easy to sit down and help all the time. But that's part of being a parent. Sometimes we have to give up a few things ourselves in order to raise our kids. ;)

1:44 PM  

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