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Friday, August 18, 2006

Do You Have a Healthy Body Image?

Do You Have a Healthy Body Image?: "A healthy body image is essential to your mental health. 'It is so tied into your self-esteem, that if you don't have a normal body image you won't take good care of yourself, and it can affect your mood, quality of life, behavior and eating habits,' says Dr. Elena Ramirez, Co-Director of the Vermont Center for Cognitive Behavior Therapy. "

Interesting quiz. Here are my results (I need to work on this)
You have a slightly negative body image. You may be altering what you wear or steering clear of social situations because you don't like the way you look. You may also be avoiding "risky" things such as interviewing for a new job or going out on a date. These might seem like subtle behavioral changes, but if you make them because you have a negative body image, these behaviors may lead to increasingly negative thoughts about your appearance--and later on, your whole self.

What You Should Do: "Identify the behaviors that are reinforcing negative thoughts," says Dr. Ramirez. "If you are avoiding wearing shorts because you hate your legs, try to wear shorts. If you never wear shorts you are reinforcing that negative thought about your legs." You may have to start with baby steps, but even small changes (going for capris or even more form-fitting pants) can make a difference.

Stop doing the things that make you feel worse. For example, says Dr. Ramirez, "If you are constantly critiquing yourself in the mirror, stop." Avoid discussing your own body (or anyone else's body) critically, as this only perpetuates feeling bad about your body.

Make a list of the things you like about your body, and do activities that your body enjoys. It is much harder to dislike your body if you are focusing on how good it feels.

For more on improving your body image, go to Love the Body You Have and Getting Past Size-Zero Envy.


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