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Every good movie has a piano player somewhere in the background--
sometimes seen, usually unseen.
Seldom really noticed.
The feeling, the very soul of a scene, is created by that person tinkering at the keys.
It has been said, "All the world's a stage."
Well then...Play it, Jen.

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I'm a California Native transplanted to the Missouri Ozarks. I've learned how to chase cows in high heels and load hay faster than you can say "Coco Chanel." These are some of our pictures and stories of living in a land with breath-taking beauty and adventure around every bend.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Oreo Cows!

Finally, a picture of the oreo cows that I keep talking about! These are Belted Galloway cows. They originated in Scotland and are very hearty and docile little cows. We are going to get a cow calf and a bull calf from this herd. Right now our calves are just a couple of months old and not ready to be taken away from mama yet. We will wait another month or two to bring them home. We want to have them get as much good rich nutrition from their mamas as possible but still bring them here while they are small enough for the kids to bottle feed them. They are COOL!


Blogger nadinebc said...

Mmm, Oreos! Thanks now I want cookies and milk!

4:54 PM  
Blogger Gertrude said...

Very cool Jen! The kids will enjoy having calves.
Things look so wonderful at your new home!

11:40 AM  

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