Play it, Jen

Every good movie has a piano player somewhere in the background--
sometimes seen, usually unseen.
Seldom really noticed.
The feeling, the very soul of a scene, is created by that person tinkering at the keys.
It has been said, "All the world's a stage."
Well then...Play it, Jen.

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I'm a California Native transplanted to the Missouri Ozarks. I've learned how to chase cows in high heels and load hay faster than you can say "Coco Chanel." These are some of our pictures and stories of living in a land with breath-taking beauty and adventure around every bend.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Big Green Moth

Joe found this beautiful moth on the way out to the car to go to school this morning. Apparently it is a Luna Moth. We have black walnut trees down our driveway so I guess that is what is attracting them to our area. I really really really don't want to run into one of the caterpillars! Yuck! :)
A few weeks ago, David was looking out his bedroom window and saw a bird land with a moth like this trapped in its beak. The bird dropped the moth and David went out and "saved" it but it was chewed up quite a bit.
This one has a bit of damage to the tip of one wing but otherwise looks good. There are some cool looking things out here!


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