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Every good movie has a piano player somewhere in the background--
sometimes seen, usually unseen.
Seldom really noticed.
The feeling, the very soul of a scene, is created by that person tinkering at the keys.
It has been said, "All the world's a stage."
Well then...Play it, Jen.

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Roadrocket's Anniversary

This is a "YouTube Friend" that I have. He has been racing motorcycles and hunting with his hunting dogs for a long time. He's lucky enough to live in the beautiful country of Ireland. :) I'm posting this video because yesterday he celebrated his 9th year anniversary of his liver transplant. He's really great and I'm so glad he has shared his story with the world to help people realize what transplantation does for people and how important it is that we all sign up to be organ donors. Major congrats to you Roadrocket on achieving this milestone! :)


Blogger TexMikel said...

Ha that is great, way to go Mr Road Rocket! Getting closer to my first year and things are only getting better. Thanks Jen

3:29 PM  
Blogger Jenny said...

Hey Mikel! Time cruises along, doesn't it? The first year seemed like forever but I have found each year gets faster and faster. Hang on to your hair, oh, wait.... LOL ;)

4:43 PM  

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